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Dispute Resolution And Mediation

I have been providing services in the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and mediation for over 25 years.  During this period, I have handled numerous cases as a sole arbitrator, neutral arbitrator and mediator.

ADR and mediation are growth areas in the practice of law because a conclusion of a case is possible without the cost, time delay and unknown outcome of a trial.  Hearings are scheduled at the convenience of the parties and agreements are often reached on the use of reports of experts without necessity of live testimony.

I have helped mediate community disputes, condominium association issues, major personal injury cases and contract disputes.  The mediation process is non-binding, but often results in a resolution that saves money and the anguish of litigation.

The arbitration process, whether before a sole arbitrator or an arbitration panel, is binding.  The parties often will have some agreement, which is private in nature, concerning what we refer to as a high/low agreement.  This means that the size of the award has a ceiling and a minimum amount.  The claimant receives a guaranteed recovery of some sort and the party being sued knows that there is a maximum amount that they can be responsible to pay.  Again, there are considerable savings in the area of costs and time.